Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I use my hands for shaping and sculpting most of the time, but there are some times where other tools come in handy. Here are the tools I use most of the time. 

From left to right:

First and foremost, I always use my hands for sculpting the majority of the pieces, the final details and such are done using the following tools. 

- dotting tool 
originally a woodworking tool) good for dotting and picking up tiny clay pieces (eyes, teeth, etc...) my favorite 

- dental tool
Got this from my dentist. I'm sure you can find them online or ask your dentist for one :) good for dotting, lines, fine details

- Wooden tool
(My oldest tool, I can't recall what is was for or where I got it) good for feathery details, and getting in small areas for shaping. 

- Wipe out tool by Kenner tools
My newest tool, made for clay and paint work. It says it's good for blending, and smoothing clay. I've used it for blending small pieces in like ears, which is nice. For smoothing larger pieces my hands are better at it than this tool. I would like it better if the end was more rounded and less pointy. 

I do have a small arsanal of tools that nice collected over the years but these are my staples at the moment. If you have any tools you love to use for polymer clay I'd love to hear.  

Xo - Nichole 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weebeasts love stale popcorn

When I first made the tiny totem animals I would often include a tiny canvas ink drawing of one of my weebeasts. 
They have always been my little studio inhabitants, they scurry and hide things from me, walk on my paint pallettes and leave popcorn crumbs all over.

 They are small and shy but somewhat curious like a cat. I'm pretty sure they have at least 10 lives, as they are quite clumsy. They rely on people and their dwellings to survive- they would never make it in the wild, which is why I think they stick around so much... or is the popcorn? 

Their favorite food is stale popcorn and second up is stale sweets, they don't care what kind as long as they are stale, so I've been leaving little pieces of popcorn around my work desk lately and lo and behold yesterday while I was cleaning out my work area I saw a weebeast sleeping in the drawer with all of my new paint, I couldn't get a photo because I knew the flash would have work him up.

I was so happy to see one though, glad they are still around. I'm going to leave out some more popcorn to see if I can get some more to come out of hiding

Do you like the weebeasts? Have you gotten one from me? What number was it (they were all numbered on the back I believe) I'd love to see pictures of them if you still have them. :)

xo- Nichole

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Marks of a Maker

All of my sculptures start out the exact same a simple lump of clay. 
Hours are dedicated to each piece. Shaping poking, adding, and subtracting clay as needed until they end up some sort of silly smiling quirky little creature.

I'm sure you will find the "mark of the maker" on each and every one of them. Nope... I'm not talking about my initials that are stamped into the underside of each one of them, I'm talking about the "marks of the maker" that can't be stamped. These marks are a genuine part of the process of making something handmade. Those little nicks, divits, finger prints, lumps, bumps and bruises, are what make them special and I love this about them. So when you hold one of my creations in your hands I hope that you will take a moment to appreciate all that goes into making them...marks and all.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Birthday Bears 7-13 update!

Hello, just a short post for thes past shop update which included these wonderful new birthday bears. (One has been sold already... If you join the newsletter you always have first dibs: ) my favorite one is the watermelon and tan and blue one, I'd love to know yours. ❤️

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Orleans to Jamaica - small shop update

My husband and I had some nice travels to get out of this cold snow/weather. We flew down to the lovely New Orleans. I will have to say I always adore that city. It's full of art that brings a smile to my face. Every time we have been there we stumble across a new art gallery or artist that amazes me. It's one place that I always enjoy visiting there. The hotel we stayed at was a historical little place that really felt like a part of NOLA, plus it had a resident cat, win win in my book ;) 
After New Orleans we had a night in Miami to chill before our cruise. From our room we saw a pelican diving for fish (he caught one too!) Sometime around 3 in the morning while I was sleeping Mike called me from the balcony because you could hear the dolphins squeeking and making their dolphin calls - half asleep I skittered over to it and ran right in to the glass door, (dork points +7 because I only hit it with my knee. ;)

From there we enjoyed a 311(have you heard of them? maybe you'll like them, look them up and give them a listen) Jamaican Cruise, it was a nice time. We enjoyed the sunshine! Our balcony had a nice view and from it we saw a large bird catch some flying fish. That was the first time I ever say a flying fish so I actually thought it was a smaller bird he was after at first, hehehe.
I would love to hear some of your favorite bands or places to visit if you care to share <3

And yes so now I'm playing a little catch up with shop updates, but there are 3 new Teeny's available: A bison, a laying lion and a Barn owl. Each Teeny comes in a clear box for displaying them/ putting them in your pocket? Which ever you choose I'm sure they will be happy