Monday, June 29, 2015

BB's are here!

The BBs are in the shop! for $20 you can have one to call your very own. ❤️

They are young, have one tooth and stubby little horns/antennae/ ears and much smaller than the adult weebeasts, but just as fun!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Two parts of the weebeasts....

I was chatting with my friend Hallie and we got to taking and she told me how much she loves my weebeasts. I typed up a reply how I love them too... she suggested I should share it....

I love my weebeasts. There is something about them- and their stupid cute teeth and "fuzzy" like bodies that is so strangely comforting to me. My mind is often in a state of cartoony nature wonder, so combining the stones with them was a happy accident. It's a perfect combination of two big parts of who I am and I get to share them with he world. Each one is an true individual with their own stories, names and characteristics.  I love how they have evolved with me from little drawing onto sculptures as I have found this new love of colored clay. They are truly one of a kind. Nothing like them. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Who will get the golden egg?!

Who will get the golden egg (and $20 store off coupon code)?
One of the first 12 weebeasts will come with a special GOLDEN clay egg- (it will be randomly selected out of the box of eggs I have set aside for all of the weebeasts) If you happen to get the golden egg it will come with a special $20.00 coupon just for you! Good luck and remember it's only the first 12 weebeasts of the numbered series that is a part of this contest, so hey you have a 1 in 12 chance of winning, yay!

To refresh your mind....each weebeast comes with:
- a specimen card with all of their information, name date, stone etc...
- a custom box
- a sticker
- a handmade clay egg
- a whole lotta love

Thanks for all of the support- glad you guys are liking these weebeasts so much! <3 More weebeasts are in the making and an awesome collaboration with Hallie, good friend of mine who runs 12th house studio she just recently opened shop to share her wonderful talismans with the world you should check them out! (

Monday, May 18, 2015

The origin of weebeasts

The original weebeasts who were from earth are extinct, there is no known cause but you can find a few drawings of them in my past posts, they are very rare and only a dozen were ever made and were only freebies with orders. Consider your self lucky if you happen to have one!

Extinct Weebeast from earth:

Weebeast from Makemake:

The newly found species of weebeasts are from Makemake. Makemake is a minor planet mostly made of ices that falls in/near the Kuiper Belt (an asteroid belt). It is considered a "Trans Neptunian Object" (object whose orbit lies past Neptune). It takes 310 years to orbit around the Sun, so it is slow moving, moving slower than Pluto! Eris & Sedna are the only minor planets whose orbits are farther than Makemake. After Sedna, you leave our Solar System...Who knows what other species are out there?! Although Makemake is mostly made up of extremely low temperatures and ice, the weebeasts  surive the temperature differences quite well, similar to a Tardigrade or "waterbear" would.

Waterbear: (sourced from discover)

The weebeasts traveled from from Makemake to earth in search of minerals and stones because they need their contact and energy to survive- it's an external heart of sorts and without it they would surely become extinct as well.  After a long period of hibernation they either rode here on asteroids, or slowly floated here in their tiny glasslike pods. I never saw one actually land so how they land safely, I'll never know. They make nests made of quartz crystals, old handkerchiefs  wire, scraps, strings, leaves and what ever other odds and ends they find. This nesting habit brings them much comfort,  but if you don't have the things they like, they will gladly end up nesting inside a pair of your old shoes or teacup as long as you provide them with a little piece of something for comfort.

Makemake: (source wikipedia)

After studying and living with them for some time I also realized that these weebeasts from Makemake have many of the same traits as the original weebeasts. They love to scurry around and hide my art things from me, maybe they are making nests? They are smarter than they look and are often refered to as "stupid-cute". They love stale popcorn just as the earthly weebeasts did so make sure to keep plenty around for them to eat...and hide. They are small and shy but get comfortable living with people much quicker than you think. They do rely heavily on people and their dwellings to survive. I doubt they would survive in the wild for more than a few days at best.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Colurful clay = new adventures!

I'm obsessed over using the clay as colors instead of paint. It is taking over my studio and I love it. I can't believe I waited this long to actually use them, was I scared they'd bit me or something?

First off I don't have to varnish them (yay!). Varnishing the totems is one of the most boring tedious tasks to do, especially with the small details in them, I have to watch and make sure that the varnish doesn't "pool" up and ruin them. Because the totems will not be painted they do not need to be protected by a layer of varnish. The clay is the color! This also makes them COMPLETELY waterproof... not just water resistant. With that thought my imagination is running wild.... 3d sprinkles on the birthday bears? And maybe resin...filled lakes, jars, ,under water terrariums sea globes for them to live in?! ahh I'm excited more than ever to see what the future holds for my sculpting.
I haven't used resin in my art since I first started started back in 2005! Dang 10 years flys by quickly! 

There are some sculptures that will need to be painted and varnished (custom pets) but they are so few and far between it won't be such an ordeal to have to do it every day.

I'm trading my time from varnishing to much more enjoyable task of blending, layering and mixing colors. It's very relaxing... plus I can make the tiny details even tinier details ;)