Monday, December 5, 2016

Weeebast adoptions 12/5

❄️today's weebeasts are full of winter fun, even if it doesn't snow where you live I hope these weebeasts make you smile!❄️

Todays adoptions is 12/5/2016 at 12 pm EST and will include:

- Nanook the polar bear wweebeast with blue aqua quartz earth treasure - $85
- Aspen the winter fun weebeast with aqua aura quartz earth treasure  - $85

- 5 bb polar bear weebeasts with aquamarine earth treasures - $32 each
- 5 bb winter fun weebeasts with pyrite earth treasures - $32 each
(In my last email I made a mistake and have to correct that the BB Soda weebeasts came with a gold stone not a flourite🙊)

- 1 adult custom weebeast - Starting price $100
- 1 bb custom weebeast - Starting price $38
The update is 12 Noon EST Monday 12-5-2016
Here is the shop link

Customs info

Customs are in some shop updates and I will announce them in the weemail and on my instagram before hand.

how do they work?
Customs are listed on etsy and by purchasing that listing you are reserving your spot to have a custom weebeast made!
For custom pricing please see my site and visit the customs tab, of you have any questions of something not covered please let me know. (

(Some random spaces that come available that are not part of shop updates will be sent out to weemail newsletter for first grabs at them)
 p.s. Did you know that all adult weebeasts are entered into a drawing to have a chance to win a custom weebeast at the end of the year including any adult customs! I plan to do the drawing for it beteeen dec 26 and Jan 1st!

Happy adopting!
I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for being a part of the weebeasts world. 

peace love and stale popcorn,

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Adoption Advice

I've had a few people write in to me asking if I could share some tips how to have a better chance at adopting a Weebeast in shop updates. I hope this is helpful!

Adoption tips from bb Walter :

Using SAVED credit card is faster than PayPal. 
To add a saved credit card (do this beforehand)
* add any item to your basket, go to the checkout process and put your CC details in there is then an option to SAVE it. Next time you order something it will be much faster to check out because Paypal makes you log in (PayPal has auto log in too but not sure how quickly they works compared to direct checkout)
* Adoptions are in my ETSY shop (link in my bio under "SHOP" 
* be at the shop at least a few minutes before the update time (all clocks are a little different )
* refresh the page over & over until the you see the Weebeasts appear 
* There he is! See the one you want?! Click buy now or add to cart - this will NOT hold the item it can still be bought by someone else so check out quickly. Buy it now saves you a step but if you're daring and try for two at once add to the cart and go back to the shop to try to get the other one you wanted - or buy one and come back and buy another (I will refund shipping overages and combine shipping if you do that. 
* Cross your fingers and hope you get the Weebeast of your dreams!

If you have any questions please let me know ✌️❤️🍿 Nichole 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Customs and dibs info.

Dibs are changing! ✨✨✨
With the purchase of an adult custom Weebeast there is a possibility I will makes a few extra bb Weebeasts versions of it to offer for the shop.

If I do I will offer to make one extra bb weebeast (that is a bb version of your custom) and let you have first dibs on one of them. Once you pick your favorite I will set it up for you as a private listing so no one else can purchase it before you. This is my small way to say thanks so you don't miss out on getting something based off of your custom.

I used to offer dibs on any upcoming bb (whether I made one of your custom or not) but this has become a bit confusing and for people and throws off my schedule for creating. I hope you understand. 

For those you who have previous dibs don't worry I will honor all previous dibs with purchases made before 7-11-16. 

Here are the two images you will see for customs in each shop update for customs, pricing is in the link above under customs thank you. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Today's adoptions! Manatee, sunny, and axoltol!

Hello friends! 
Here is a run down of today's shop update, it is at 12 noon EST. 

There will be custom adult and one custom bb available as well listed at the starting prices of $100 and $38 - there is no need to know what you want now as we will discuss the details at a later date when I'm ready to make yours for you. if there are any additional things you would like that may add to the pricing we can set up a listing for the difference at that time- a prcing run down in in the links in my website under "customs"

All adult Weebeasts come with a hand painted specimen card a sticker, a wee egg and an entry to win a custom weebeast at the end of the year!

All bbs come with a leaf charm and a specimen card. 

Always packaged with care and love <3 

5 axolotl bbs and 4 manatee bbs $30 each plus shipping. 

Mannie the manatee weebeast - $85 adoption fee plus shipping 

Axle the axolotl weebeast $85 plus shipping 

3 floral bb Weebeasts $30 each plus shipping. 

Happy adopting, and don't forget to join the Weemail newsletter- I will announce special things there first.


Monday, May 23, 2016

New Customs Info

There will custom listings now in shop updates. 

This pertains to today's update for when they will be made but all of the other info is accurate for future custom listings. 

- They will not be made for you until my current customs are all finished (one month from now after June 22nd) but as long as your patient with me it will be great fun when we get to it!
- They will be listed at the STARTING price
- $100 for the adult weebeast
-  $38 for the bb. 
- once you make a purchase of one, we can go over any details you would like for your weebeast that may add to the price and if there is anything additional required. I can either set up another listing or you can PayPal the remaining balance. 
Here is some basic price rundowns:

Custom bb weebeasts start at $38

Custom weebeasts start at $100

Customs include any of the basic weebeastines:
A solid base color with accents of spots stripes, your choice of eye color, cyclops or two eyes, pupils, facial expression, pose, horns, ears or antennae, and a stone up to $5 in value, sticker, hand painted specimen card and boxed nicely. If you have a stone you'd looks to send that can be arranged. 

prices adjust from the starting for graidents cold swirl blends, cosmic mulit color blends, tentacles, wings, difficult, pose, wiggly limbs, specific markings, etc...

-Gradient / Multi color blends + $15 for big weebeasts (+$5 for bbs)
-External Visible Wings + $10 for big weebeasts (+ $3 for bbs) highly detailed wings will be $5 more 
-Wiggly Ears (Goblin Style) + $4 (big weebeasts only at the moment)
-Tentacle legs +$6 per leg (+$3 for bbs)
-Mushrooms +$10 big (+ $4 for bbs)

This is how I will be offering my customs from now on as having a waiting list for it became a little too much to have going on. There will also be random custom shop updates which I will announce for those of you in the newsletter and also random ones posted here on Instagram as time allows be to take them on. 

I think that's all let me know if you have any questions !

Customs will be listed with something similar to this image