Thursday, February 23, 2012


Clay is fun. I'm  going to get back into it and maybe improve my skills, hehe.
Here are some tips for anyone wanting to give it a try:

~ If you can't decide what colors you'll use (like myself) buy it in white then you can paint it when you're all baked and done
~ Don't worry too much about fingerprints. Once it's baked you can take a fine steel wool, fine sandpaper or file and smooth it out.
~ I used acrylic paint for this little wolf guy (bottom) because it sticks well. But you can get creative; with glitter, glow paint, etc...

This is just a little ghost wolf I made for someone out of clay. It's one of my first in years. I need to make more! It was based off of a character from a piece of my art called "Howling Gardens" (top)