Saturday, February 1, 2014


The time has flown by since my last blog post, I can't believe it's been a month! The first edition of the totems (day and night series) are all gone and happily at their new homes … pssst… if you have one of them I'd love for you to share some photos with me. It's amazing to think my little creations are somewhere else in the world now living their new life and causing trouble when no one is watching;)

So, I've been busy with refining my style to work for the new tiny totems. I wanted them to have a certain feel and style all their own and I love the way things are going with them! Some of my inspiration has been drawn from inuit art lately. (The detroit zoo has some neat pieces that you can see in the Arctic ring of life exhibit…if you are ever around my neck of the woods.) I wanted to keep them slightly simple but recognizable as each animals using just enough detail where needed- too much detail really overwhelms these little totems being on such a small scale.
The new tiny totems are tiny in size and big in heart! They are only slightly bigger to allow me to capture the details and style that I wanted to head with them (Under 3 inches 76mm). 
SO anyway….I'm going to have 26 new tiny totems. I am working on them in alphabetically order (but sometimes a mistake will lead me in a different direction, and I usually roll with it). The first one is complete after making an army of them I just couldn't wait to share it!
A beautiful and unique animal- the african painted dog / african wild dog. An interesting fact about them is that they are found in packs and unlike other animals (who will leave the weak and old to fend for themselves) they will regurgitate their food for the elderly and weak so it is easier for them to eat. 

 I made a tiny clay stamp with my artists mark to stamp into my work. Don't worry it will be stamped in an inconspicuous area.;)
Feel free to guess what some of the next animals will be or share any of your favorites with me… they just may make it into the tiny totem alphabet!
Thanks for reading