Saturday, March 8, 2014


So I stumbled upon a REALLY COOL art technique and it really intrigues me! It's a technique that is from the 1900's called 'spun cotton' also called 'wrapped cotton technique'. It's believed to have started in Germany where they would make spun cotton as ornaments. Some of them are quite strange and have a great hand made charm to them, others even use paper cut outs for their heads instead of making them with the spun cotton those are kinda odd, hehee. 
The technique involves making a wire armature then using spun cotton roving pieces to tightly wrap the wire until you get your desired form and shape of what ever it is you're making. You then can paint the cotton and dye it using tea etc… (I can imagine myself using use dyed cotton to make a colorful octopus or something equally awesome!) But I'll have to test out that to see if it works. I've been reading and looking up all sorts of info about it but it's hard to find so I think I will just have to go through gathering some supplies and get started with it going through trial and errors just like with my polymer clay work.

I really  want to give this technique my full attention and really see if it's just as I imagine it is going to be ~ and I imagine it to be REALLY FREAKING COOL ~ like sculptung with cotton cool! ~ PLUS I read that if done correctly they are actually POSABLE & BENDABLE and not too fragile so if they are dropped… well you just have to pick him back up again and maybe rebend it and dust it off a bit. Also with them being made with cotton that makes them vegan and wool allergy friendly bendable sculptures… unlike needle felted technique which often involves using animal fibers.

So YES I am excited to do some experimenting with this! Can't wait to show you my experiments as I get things going ~ It's going to be a fun adventure in my arting I can feel it!