Thursday, April 10, 2014

A wonderful trade with a wonderful friend.

Today I got the most awesome package in the post. My friend Hallie and I have had this trade going on and it's been a great step in our friendship. This is the custom tailsman that she created for me and I can't even describe how warm and joyful it makes me feel. I truly love it and if any one would like one for themselves I urge you to get in touch with her. If you'd like to go browse her site as well because she has just relaunched her ship full of inspirational and fair trade goods.

Along with the talismans she sent along some special things like little stones a wonderful honey almond perfume oil blend and heart shaped sunglasses all wrapped in vines (right up my alley!) but the one thing she included with the tailsman really got me choked up- she sent along some of the ashes of her little June Bug who has recently passed. Hallie had been asking about ways to memorialize her and I told her I could make a totem of in her likeness from clay and use her ashes in the clay. Hallie really liked the idea so that was that! I have the ashes and can't wait to hear all about June bug and capture her personality in a tiny clay sculpture just got Hallie. :)

This is one of the most touching and personal things I will be creating for someone with my own two hands  and I am truly honored that she trusts me to do that for her. It's a wonderful thing.