Friday, February 20, 2015

Jumping Beans.... from me to you with love

When I was younger my dad would bring home Mexican jumping beans, they came in the cutest little plastic boxes with a little pad to keep them safe, when you took them out to hold and examine the beans the warmth of your hands made them move around (well the larva inside of them anyway). Although they were so small, they made me so happy. They were so mysterious and fun and slightly magical. 

As a maker, my work is proudly cherished in the homes of many... both near and far. It has been gifted, traded, and and shared amongst friends and family through this world wide web. 

In a wonderfully weird way my art is my way of sharing the love and fun that those little jumping beans were to me with all of you.

My creatures may not jump around with the warmth of your hands like the beans did...but who knows what they are up to when your not looking. ;)