Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Orleans to Jamaica - small shop update

My husband and I had some nice travels to get out of this cold snow/weather. We flew down to the lovely New Orleans. I will have to say I always adore that city. It's full of art that brings a smile to my face. Every time we have been there we stumble across a new art gallery or artist that amazes me. It's one place that I always enjoy visiting there. The hotel we stayed at was a historical little place that really felt like a part of NOLA, plus it had a resident cat, win win in my book ;) 
After New Orleans we had a night in Miami to chill before our cruise. From our room we saw a pelican diving for fish (he caught one too!) Sometime around 3 in the morning while I was sleeping Mike called me from the balcony because you could hear the dolphins squeeking and making their dolphin calls - half asleep I skittered over to it and ran right in to the glass door, (dork points +7 because I only hit it with my knee. ;)

From there we enjoyed a 311(have you heard of them? maybe you'll like them, look them up and give them a listen) Jamaican Cruise, it was a nice time. We enjoyed the sunshine! Our balcony had a nice view and from it we saw a large bird catch some flying fish. That was the first time I ever say a flying fish so I actually thought it was a smaller bird he was after at first, hehehe.
I would love to hear some of your favorite bands or places to visit if you care to share <3

And yes so now I'm playing a little catch up with shop updates, but there are 3 new Teeny's available: A bison, a laying lion and a Barn owl. Each Teeny comes in a clear box for displaying them/ putting them in your pocket? Which ever you choose I'm sure they will be happy