Monday, April 6, 2015

Weebeasts love stale popcorn

When I first made the tiny totem animals I would often include a tiny canvas ink drawing of one of my weebeasts. 
They have always been my little studio inhabitants, they scurry and hide things from me, walk on my paint pallettes and leave popcorn crumbs all over.

 They are small and shy but somewhat curious like a cat. I'm pretty sure they have at least 10 lives, as they are quite clumsy. They rely on people and their dwellings to survive- they would never make it in the wild, which is why I think they stick around so much... or is the popcorn? 

Their favorite food is stale popcorn and second up is stale sweets, they don't care what kind as long as they are stale, so I've been leaving little pieces of popcorn around my work desk lately and lo and behold yesterday while I was cleaning out my work area I saw a weebeast sleeping in the drawer with all of my new paint, I couldn't get a photo because I knew the flash would have work him up.

I was so happy to see one though, glad they are still around. I'm going to leave out some more popcorn to see if I can get some more to come out of hiding

Do you like the weebeasts? Have you gotten one from me? What number was it (they were all numbered on the back I believe) I'd love to see pictures of them if you still have them. :)

xo- Nichole