Monday, May 4, 2015

Colurful clay = new adventures!

I'm obsessed over using the clay as colors instead of paint. It is taking over my studio and I love it. I can't believe I waited this long to actually use them, was I scared they'd bit me or something?

First off I don't have to varnish them (yay!). Varnishing the totems is one of the most boring tedious tasks to do, especially with the small details in them, I have to watch and make sure that the varnish doesn't "pool" up and ruin them. Because the totems will not be painted they do not need to be protected by a layer of varnish. The clay is the color! This also makes them COMPLETELY waterproof... not just water resistant. With that thought my imagination is running wild.... 3d sprinkles on the birthday bears? And maybe resin...filled lakes, jars, ,under water terrariums sea globes for them to live in?! ahh I'm excited more than ever to see what the future holds for my sculpting.
I haven't used resin in my art since I first started started back in 2005! Dang 10 years flys by quickly! 

There are some sculptures that will need to be painted and varnished (custom pets) but they are so few and far between it won't be such an ordeal to have to do it every day.

I'm trading my time from varnishing to much more enjoyable task of blending, layering and mixing colors. It's very relaxing... plus I can make the tiny details even tinier details ;)