Monday, May 18, 2015

The origin of weebeasts

The original weebeasts who were from earth are extinct, there is no known cause but you can find a few drawings of them, they are very rare and only a dozen were ever made (they were only freebies with orders) consider your self lucky if you happen to have one!

Extinct Weebeast from earth:

Weebeast from Space:

The weebeasts traveled from from far out in space to earth in search of minerals and stones because they need their contact and energy / vibrations to survive- it's an external heart of sorts. Without it they would surely become extinct as well. After a long period of hibernation they slowly floated here in their tiny glasslike pods. Arriving like little bubbles, landing soft (most of them anyway).
They make nests made of quartz crystals, old handkerchiefs  wire, scraps, strings, leaves and what ever other odds and ends they find. This nesting habit brings them much comfort and pride! If you don't happen to have the things they like, they will gladly end up nesting inside a pair of your old shoes, pile of socks, or a teacup.

The weebeasts from have many of the same traits as the original weebeasts. They love to scurry around and hide my art things from me, maybe they are making nests? They are smarter than they look and are often refered to as "stupid-cute". They love stale popcorn just as much as the earthly weebeasts did, so make sure to keep plenty around for them to eat...and hide for later.