Monday, June 8, 2015

Who will get the golden egg?!

Who will get the golden egg (and $20 store off coupon code)?
One of the first 12 weebeasts will come with a special GOLDEN clay egg- (it will be randomly selected out of the box of eggs I have set aside for all of the weebeasts) If you happen to get the golden egg it will come with a special $20.00 coupon just for you! Good luck and remember it's only the first 12 weebeasts of the numbered series that is a part of this contest, so hey you have a 1 in 12 chance of winning, yay!

To refresh your mind....each weebeast comes with:
- a specimen card with all of their information, name date, stone etc...
- a custom box
- a sticker
- a handmade clay egg
- a whole lotta love

Thanks for all of the support- glad you guys are liking these weebeasts so much! <3 More weebeasts are in the making and an awesome collaboration with Hallie, good friend of mine who runs 12th house studio she just recently opened shop to share her wonderful talismans with the world you should check them out! (