Friday, August 18, 2017

Weebeasts Evolved

There is something about the weebeasts and their stupid cute teeth and "fuzzy" bumble bee like bodies that is so strangely comforting to me. My mind is often in a state of cartoony nature wonder, so combining the stones with them was a happy accident. It's a perfect combination of two big parts of who I am and I get to share them with he world. 

Each one is an true individual with their own stories, names and characteristics and habitats.  I love how they have evolved with me from little drawings an then onto sculptures as I have found this new love of colored clay. They are truly one of a kind here's little look into how they became what they are now....

The weebeasts first began as little doodles that I would send out with orders. They often matched the animals totems that I would make for that particular order, and sometimes they didn't for example this little fellow. I do not have any of the original weebeast doodles as they were all sent away with the animal totems I made. If you have one consider yourself lucky!

After a while I took a break from them and then one day it just struck me to bring them to life in clay form, so I tried and TRIED!

Like all of my work I would put them through 'break tests' and their skinny little noses would never make it through (and at the time I didn't know about making armatures either ) it could have been the clay I used at the time but for what ever reason their noses broke so easily.... I was bummed but inspired to keep on going.
I kept the only weebeast (who was from earth) that never broke in the photo below, he's the first one in black and gold. He was never completed and I keep him as is.

After taking a break continuing on with the animals I decided to I revisit sculpting them .... I modified them to be less breakable without a nose and sturdier legs. This one was the only one that I actually liked enough to keep of the many I made, it's a slow process.

There was something about his noseless face and derpy charm I was very happy with, He was never completed but I still have him and have kept him as is. ( gray one shown in the photo above)

I had contomplated getting a kiln for a long time to further my work and looked into it heavily but never bit that bullet I even bought ceramic clay to work with but it never connected. 

...............Then I found COLORED clay! :o


I love making animals and still do. 
But finding this clay was a spark! I was fueled to revisit the weebeast yet again as it called to me with its teeny bumbly weebeast voice!

Then there was Zeep. (third one in the photo above)

With making of the weebeasts I wanted to connect my childhood love of drawing bees into them along with my love of Bumble bees!
Bees were the first thing I ever remember drawing as a child. I still love bumble bees and their fuzzy little bodies make me smile with delight! (even though I'm slightly scared of them because I've never been stung and my pops is allergic). I made Zeep with a vison in mind!

He slowly took form. Black and yellow with a "fuzzy" bumble body, a couple of teeth (that's all they need to eat stale popcorn and honey right? hehehe) and of course the spindly insect like legs like the original weebeast doodles had done but thicker to support him well. 

I added the trio of dots around each eye to connect the weebeasts to a part of my older work into them. I can't remember exactly when I started dotting around the eyes in any of my past works but it's symbolic because I have a trio of beauty marks/freckles on the side of my face- so it's a slight modification of that into the things I create. 
The ears are always an option and come and go. Always changing some even have horns which I love, but I knew I wanted the first one to have the antennae.
The stones were the perfect and exciting final touch as their source of life as they have traveled to earth. It also connects my cartoony nature loving self into them perfectly. It was his life source, his heart his joy of life and it really shined through seeing his happy little face holding onto something so simple as a stone.

I worked on perfecting the eyes to be more lifelike and in that process of finally getting them to where I wanted they had to be a little bigger in size so the size of their bodies naturally evolved as well. I'm very happy to see how they have evolved over time. I hope you do too! 

Give a weebeast a little stale popcorn, a scratch on the bum and a stone to really make them purr. Thank you for reading 

Peace, Love and Stale Popcorn - Nichole