Monday, March 28, 2016

new adoptions 3- 28 16


This weeks update is a fun and special one- I have teamed up with the awesomely talented Aimee of Weftward Company she has hand woven a little blankets made of sustainable vegan friendly good for all of the weebeasts in this weeks update.

Please be sure to check out more of her work in her shop: they are so soft!

This weeks weebeasts are a bison weebeast and a cactus weebeast. Travel is a big inspiration in my work and we just recently visited Arizona, which made me fall in love with cacti even more. Seeing so many was pretty awesome for my coniferous michigander eyes. Sierra was named after Sierra, Arizona.

One of my favorite places to go is to Wyoming and Yellowstone, .... you know the Bison if you've been there! We have been fortunate to have seen many of them on our trips there in the past and they have easily become of of my favorite animals, so a weebeast form was calling me! I named the bison weebeast after Hayden Valley in yellowstone.

Shop will be updated today monday 3-28-16 at 11:00 am EST
shop link:

There will also be one set of bb weebeasts which wil include:
one cactus bb
one bison bb
one blanker made by Aimee of Weftward Company
two teeny tea cups
a mountain made from a fluorite stone
and a barrel cactus
the set is $70

Bison bb's and blanker $34 each
Cactus bbs and blanket $34 each

Hayden the Bison Weebeast with blanket - $90
Sierra the Cactus Weebeast with blanket - $90

Currently my customs are closed- I have some exciting things to come in the future so I will be limited on how many I can take on, but if sign up for the newslettter (left hand side of my site here)

As always thank you so much for supporting me and my work <3