Monday, April 11, 2016

big thanks and todays dinos!

Big thanks!

I am truly humbled by reaching 25 thousand friendly faces in the world of weebeasts on instagram. 
 Thank YOU! I am overjoyed with happiness to have you here as a part of it what I do and what I share, because it is more than just me, you are a big part of it and I appreciate every little thing that you do. I am inspired by all of the constant love and support I get from all of YOU. The simplest things bring joy in life (stale popcorn anyone?) and I am honored to continue to share that simple joy through the wonderful world of weebeasts and their friends.
This is just the beginning, and as this year moves along I have lots of new things to come.I have been working on some pretty exciting things for us. It’s SO hard for me to not share it with you but it’s going to be worth the wait! I will have a full announcement of it towards the end of this year. I am looking forward to the journey ahead and to continue to share my love and joy with all of you through these stale popcorn loving pals called weebeasts.
p.s. Reminder: Did you know that with each adult weebeast adopted you are entered to win a custom adult weebeast at the end of this year? (this includes customs adult too so…Rowan, Astro, Stardust, Sebastian, Peat etc…. are all entered so each custom has a chance to win another custom- theres a brain teaser for ya). You can see all of the details for this on my site (the post is pinned on the right hand side) and Next years giveaway is going to be very exciting and I can’t wait to share this surprise with you- it’s a big one!
I am so humbled by the support you guys have given me. I think we all need to share a lot more love in this world. I love art I love you. xoxo Nichole

And lastly....Here are the dino weebeasts for today update ( 4-11-16 at 11 AM EST) 

bb triceretops and bb weerex are $30 each ($32 t rex necklace)
bb galaxy bun necklaces ( $32 ) two available
Adult weebeast T rex and Triceratops $82 each

if you are thinking you may want a custom I have made a waiting list and will be contacting people for each one as time allows, please get in touch if this is something you'd like to do!

I am nearing making my 50th weebeast and he's gong to be a unique one, and available next update two weeks out, stay tuned!

Much love!
peace love and stale popcorn,