Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello friends!

NEW update time! 12 noonEST
Here is this weeks giggle up for adoption :)

Ricky - Adult weebeast in red ( addicted to caramel corn and overjoyed with life ) $82

Walter the Cyclops with herkimer diamond( weebeast number 50!!!!!) loves cloudy days, staring contests, and snuggling. $85

All bbs 5 of each style will be $30

Now what about the purple guy in the middle?
He is Mr. Nelson and I made him in a tribute to the late, great Prince. I will be auctioning him off on my IG and you aren't on there you don't fret I will gladly place a bid for you and let you know if you have been out bid via etsy message or email. Half of the final auction price will be donated to childrens music shcool of charity. 

I wil gladly send more upclose photos of him if you like just send me a message.

And lastly THANK YOU for being here with me it means so much  to share these smiling faces with all of you.