Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello pals!

(if you are reading this via emai - I've noticed that my blog updates get send out way later than I post them and some of you may be missing my updates, if that's the case for you, please sign up for my newletter to ensure you get the info BEFORE the updates ;)

Firstly I want to mention that the auction of the prince weebeast, Mr. Nelson, was an unbelievable success.
I had originally said I would donate half of the final winning bid to the Elevate Hope foundation, but before I put up the auction, I followed with my heart and decided to donated the full final winning bid, what ever it would be, which was an outstanding $425!!
I am so thankful for everyone that bid and wanted to bid. To raise such an amount for others in need is truly heartwarming and is a great way to share this life and love with others.
And now on to todays update:
Today's update (5/9/16) is at 12 noon EST
The weebeasts up for adoption are:
Two adult weebeasts :
"B" the rat weebeast with kyanite stone - $85
"Sunny" the sunshine weebeast with sunstone (who has a sun and cloud on his backside) $85
The Rat is named "B" because it was one of the first pet rats I had, and every pet rat my husband and I have had since then have all been named with a name starting with the letter B :)
Sunny is a brother of Cozmo and Startdust ( a custom cozmo) who are the night galaxy weebeasts.
5 bb panda with garnet weebeasts $30 each
5 bb rat weebeasts with kyanite $30 each
6 sunny bb weebeasts with amber $30 each

If you place more than one order I will combine shipping and refund the overages ;)
The last shop update with Walter and Ricky sold out in one minute, that's been the fastest sell out EVER!
I'm truly humbled by the continued support from all of you. 
I genuinely thank you for being here with me and being a part of the world of weebeasts....Exciting things are coming this year and I can't wait to share!