Monday, May 23, 2016

New Customs Info

There will custom listings now in shop updates. 

This pertains to today's update for when they will be made but all of the other info is accurate for future custom listings. 

- They will not be made for you until my current customs are all finished (one month from now after June 22nd) but as long as your patient with me it will be great fun when we get to it!
- They will be listed at the STARTING price
- $100 for the adult weebeast
-  $38 for the bb. 
- once you make a purchase of one, we can go over any details you would like for your weebeast that may add to the price and if there is anything additional required. I can either set up another listing or you can PayPal the remaining balance. 
Here is some basic price rundowns:

Custom bb weebeasts start at $38

Custom weebeasts start at $100

Customs include any of the basic weebeastines:
A solid base color with accents of spots stripes, your choice of eye color, cyclops or two eyes, pupils, facial expression, pose, horns, ears or antennae, and a stone up to $5 in value, sticker, hand painted specimen card and boxed nicely. If you have a stone you'd looks to send that can be arranged. 

prices adjust from the starting for graidents cold swirl blends, cosmic mulit color blends, tentacles, wings, difficult, pose, wiggly limbs, specific markings, etc...

-Gradient / Multi color blends + $15 for big weebeasts (+$5 for bbs)
-External Visible Wings + $10 for big weebeasts (+ $3 for bbs) highly detailed wings will be $5 more 
-Wiggly Ears (Goblin Style) + $4 (big weebeasts only at the moment)
-Tentacle legs +$6 per leg (+$3 for bbs)
-Mushrooms +$10 big (+ $4 for bbs)

This is how I will be offering my customs from now on as having a waiting list for it became a little too much to have going on. There will also be random custom shop updates which I will announce for those of you in the newsletter and also random ones posted here on Instagram as time allows be to take them on. 

I think that's all let me know if you have any questions !

Customs will be listed with something similar to this image