Monday, June 20, 2016

Today's adoptions! Manatee, sunny, and axoltol!

Hello friends! 
Here is a run down of today's shop update, it is at 12 noon EST. 

There will be custom adult and one custom bb available as well listed at the starting prices of $100 and $38 - there is no need to know what you want now as we will discuss the details at a later date when I'm ready to make yours for you. if there are any additional things you would like that may add to the pricing we can set up a listing for the difference at that time- a prcing run down in in the links in my website under "customs"

All adult Weebeasts come with a hand painted specimen card a sticker, a wee egg and an entry to win a custom weebeast at the end of the year!

All bbs come with a leaf charm and a specimen card. 

Always packaged with care and love <3 

5 axolotl bbs and 4 manatee bbs $30 each plus shipping. 

Mannie the manatee weebeast - $85 adoption fee plus shipping 

Axle the axolotl weebeast $85 plus shipping 

3 floral bb Weebeasts $30 each plus shipping. 

Happy adopting, and don't forget to join the Weemail newsletter- I will announce special things there first.