Saturday, July 23, 2016

Customs and dibs info.

Dibs are changing! ✨✨✨
With the purchase of an adult custom Weebeast there is a possibility I will makes a few extra bb Weebeasts versions of it to offer for the shop.

If I do I will offer to make one extra bb weebeast (that is a bb version of your custom) and let you have first dibs on one of them. Once you pick your favorite I will set it up for you as a private listing so no one else can purchase it before you. This is my small way to say thanks so you don't miss out on getting something based off of your custom.

I used to offer dibs on any upcoming bb (whether I made one of your custom or not) but this has become a bit confusing and for people and throws off my schedule for creating. I hope you understand. 

For those you who have previous dibs don't worry I will honor all previous dibs with purchases made before 7-11-16. 

Here are the two images you will see for customs in each shop update for customs, pricing is in the link above under customs thank you.