Saturday, August 6, 2016

Adoption Advice

I've had a few people write in to me asking if I could share some tips how to have a better chance at adopting a Weebeast in shop updates. I hope this is helpful!

Adoption tips from bb Walter :

Using SAVED credit card is faster than PayPal. 
To add a saved credit card (do this beforehand)
* add any item to your basket, go to the checkout process and put your CC details in there is then an option to SAVE it. Next time you order something it will be much faster to check out because Paypal makes you log in (PayPal has auto log in too but not sure how quickly they works compared to direct checkout)
* Adoptions are in my ETSY shop (link in my bio under "SHOP" 
* be at the shop at least a few minutes before the update time (all clocks are a little different )
* refresh the page over & over until the you see the Weebeasts appear 
* There he is! See the one you want?! Click buy now or add to cart - this will NOT hold the item it can still be bought by someone else so check out quickly. Buy it now saves you a step but if you're daring and try for two at once add to the cart and go back to the shop to try to get the other one you wanted - or buy one and come back and buy another (I will refund shipping overages and combine shipping if you do that. 
* Cross your fingers and hope you get the Weebeast of your dreams!

If you have any questions please let me know ✌️❤️🍿 Nichole