Sunday, December 25, 2016

12/9 weebeast adoptions

As this year rounds to an end and into a new one I would sincerely like to take a moment to thank you for your kindness and support. This year had been a wild ride for the weebeasts and I can't wait to see and  share things to come! Thank you I am so grateful.

🌿 today's weebeasts are in Holiday spirit and I think they are quite a pair, I hope you like them too! 😘

Todays adoptions is 12/19/2016 at 12 pm EST and will include:

- KayLala the mistletoe toe weebeast with topaz earth treasure - $85
- Gary the popcorn garland weebeast with pyromorphite crystal  earth treasure  - $85

- 5 bb mistletoe weebeasts with topaz earth treasures - $32 each
- 5 bb garland weebeasts with peridot earth treasures - $32 each

- 1 adult custom weebeast - Starting price $100
- 1 bb custom weebeast - Starting price $38

(Unsure how customs work? Please check out the FAQ on my site)
The update is 12 Noon EST Monday 12-19-2016
Here is the shop link

 p.s. Did you know that all adult weebeasts sold in 2016 are entered into a drawing to have a chance to win a custom weebeast at the end of the year including any adult customs! I plan to do the drawing for it beteeen dec 26 and Jan 1st! These two are the last adult weebeasts that will come out this year.

there is BB variant adoption coming on DeC 24th @ 7 pm EST. stay tuned on my instagram for sneak peeks of what they might be.

Happy adopting!
I wish you a cozy and happy day and thank you for being a part of the weebeasts world.

peace love and stale popcorn,