Monday, December 5, 2016

Weeebast adoptions 12/5

❄️today's weebeasts are full of winter fun, even if it doesn't snow where you live I hope these weebeasts make you smile!❄️

Todays adoptions is 12/5/2016 at 12 pm EST and will include:

- Nanook the polar bear wweebeast with blue aqua quartz earth treasure - $85
- Aspen the winter fun weebeast with aqua aura quartz earth treasure  - $85

- 5 bb polar bear weebeasts with aquamarine earth treasures - $32 each
- 5 bb winter fun weebeasts with pyrite earth treasures - $32 each
(In my last email I made a mistake and have to correct that the BB Soda weebeasts came with a gold stone not a flourite🙊)

- 1 adult custom weebeast - Starting price $100
- 1 bb custom weebeast - Starting price $38
The update is 12 Noon EST Monday 12-5-2016
Here is the shop link

Customs info

Customs are in some shop updates and I will announce them in the weemail and on my instagram before hand.

how do they work?
Customs are listed on etsy and by purchasing that listing you are reserving your spot to have a custom weebeast made!
For custom pricing please see my site and visit the customs tab, of you have any questions of something not covered please let me know. (

(Some random spaces that come available that are not part of shop updates will be sent out to weemail newsletter for first grabs at them)
 p.s. Did you know that all adult weebeasts are entered into a drawing to have a chance to win a custom weebeast at the end of the year including any adult customs! I plan to do the drawing for it beteeen dec 26 and Jan 1st!

Happy adopting!
I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for being a part of the weebeasts world. 

peace love and stale popcorn,