The weebeasts traveled from space to planet earth in search of minerals and stones. They need their vibrations and energy to survive - ( think of it as an external heart of sorts). It is known as their life source or earth treasure. 
They love to make nests made of quartz crystals, old handkerchiefs, sticks, buttons, paper shaving, wire, scraps, strings, leaves and what ever other odds and ends they find. This nesting habit brings them much comfort and pride! If they can't find these things, they will gladly end up nesting inside a pair of old shoes, pile of socks, or a teacup...
They are small and shy and somewhat curious like a cat. They must have at least 10 lives, as some can be quite clumsy... They are smarter than they look and are often refered to as "stupid-cute". They love stale popcorn so make sure to keep plenty around for them to eat...and hide for later.
Give a weebeast a little stale popcorn, a scratch on the bum and some extra earth treasures to sleep on to really make them purr!


If you are anything like me and like me dream of having tea with a small cyclops that could fit in your tea cup, holding a tiny fort made of popcorn in the palm of your hand, or waking up to a silly spacey weebeast smiling on your dresser. I welcome you to the world of weebeasts and friends, 'wee' hope you like it here!

My never ending childhood wonder and love of colors, life, nature, animals, roller coasters, art and adventuring with my hubs has melded together to create this uniquely wonderful world of tiny friends called weebeasts to share a little happy in this sometimes not so happy world we live in.

All work comes to life here in Michigan, the wonderful Mitten State 
Thank you for stopping by I hope something you see here makes you smile. 

♥ xoxo
peace luv and popcorn 
Nichole ✦