Hello I'm Nichole!
For those of you, like me, who dream of having tea with a little bear that could fit in your tea cup, holding a tiny village in the palm of your hand, or waking up to a happy silly weebeast sitting on your dresser. I welcome you to the world of weebeasts and friends!

Creating brings me joy. I spend hours making each sculpture, one at a time, making them truly one of a kind. My technique combines my love of colors and polymer clay and eye for details together to create oddly wonderful animals, creatures, weebeasts and more. My polymer clay figurines are free formed and hand sculpted from a simple lump of clay. I love letting things naturally emerge as I work and watching each piece coming alive in the process.

I take the time to photograph each one and list them individually, so you know exactly what you are getting and all are ready to ship. This allows me the creative freedom to make more unique creatures, paintings, and jewelry for you to cherish and collect.
All of my work comes to life in my home studio here in Michigan, the wonderful Mitten State