Do you sell the weebeasts how can I get one? 
Yes I do sell them they go up for adoption on my etsy site (nicholelillianryan.etsy.com) which is update biweekly.

You can join the Weemail (left hand side of site) or follow me on instagram to see upcoming weebeasts and what and when will be available including custom spaces. I send out a weemail before each update with a rundown. (Instagram.com/nicholelillianryan)

They often sell out quickly so here are some helpful tips for you to have best chances at getting one
Nicholelillianryan.etsy.com is the shop link

Using SAVED credit card or Apple Pay is faster than PayPal.

To add a saved credit card (do this beforehand)
* add any item to your basket from any shop, go to the checkout process and put your CC details in there. Doing this gives you the option to SAVE it. Next time you order something on etsy it will be much faster to check out because Paypal makes you log in (PayPal has auto log in too but not sure how quickly they works compared to direct checkout)
* be at the shop at least a few minutes before the update time (all clocks are a little different )
* refresh the page over & over until the you see the Weebeasts appear 
* Do not waste too much time deciding who you want now (you can see previews in the weemail and on Instagram)
There he is! See the one you want?!
*Click buy now or add to cart - ( buy it now will skip a step and proceed you to checkout faster)
* Be aware that on etsy will NOT hold them in your cart it can still be bought by someone else before you do so be sure to check out quickly. (Buy it now saves you a step but if you're daring and want to try for two at once add to the cart and go back to the shop to try to get the other one you wanted) You can also buy one and come back and buy another (I will refund shipping overages and combine shipping if you do do that. 
* Cross your fingers and hope you get the Weebeast of your dreams!

Adult weebeasts aveage around $85-90
BB weebeasts average around $32

This is not including shipping. I do ship worldwide sorry no outer space shipping yet


Do you offer customs?

How does that work?
Customs are currently only offered in shop updates. 
They are listed on etsy during most updates, by purchasing a listing for a custom you are reserving your spot to have a custom weebeast made just for you!

Current Pricing info is below:

Custom bb weebeasts starting price at $38
Custom weebeasts starting price at $100

Customs include any of the basic weebeastiness:A solid base color with accents of spots stripes, your choice of eye color, cyclops or two eyes, facial expression, pose, horns, ears or antennae, and a stone up to $5 in value, hand colored and written specimen card, wee egg, and boxed nicely.

Prices adjust from the starting price for gradients/ombr√© or  swirled mixes of color, tentacles (legs made with octopus suckers) wings, difficult poses, "wiggly" jointed limbs, specific markings coloring requests etc...

- Gradient / Ombre' (one color fading into another) and Multi color swirl blends + $15 for big weebeasts (+$5 for bbs)-
 Basic Wings + $10 for big weebeasts (+ $3 for bbs)
- Wiggly Ears (Goblin Style) + $4 (big weebeasts only at the moment)
- Tentacle octopus styled legs +$6 per leg (+$3 for bbs)

- Somthing else ?? Send me an email!
(Please note I will not make weebeasts based of others copyrighted works for sale or characters nor will I replicate a previous weebeast exactly as it was, I will however make s similar one in s different pose, color or stone which will make him unique just for you)

Once you purchase it we can discusss what you'd like and I can set up an additions listing or PayPal for the remaining balance if neeeded.

Do you do trades?
I am so far behind on trades I've committed to from the previous year that I'm afraid I will no longer be taking any more in, I'm sorry!

------ GENERAL FAQ ------

What clay do you use?
I mostly use Premo Polymer Clay- but have been looking into testing out some other kinds such as kato polymer clay as they are vegan friendly and have green ethics.

How do you keep white clay clean?
Use baby wipes for surface and tools, lint rollers and a piece of scrap clay to roll in your hands before touching your project and wearing light color shirt helps any lint from picking up on to the clay and if it does scotch tape helps pick it off along with rubbing alcohol on a small q tip.

What tools to you use?
You can see many photos of them often my instagram, most of the tools I use aren't made for clay specifically, I just use what works for me. small dotting tools, dental tools, needles... toothpicks, straws, etc... have fun you never know what you'll find!

How do you make the eyes?
There are three types of eyes I make for the weebeasts, all of which are made over years of trial and errors to perfecting my craft along with a dash of weebeastly magic.

Do you bake the gems?
Depending on the stones which I've put a lot of research into which ones are safe to do so as some are not.