💛 Do you sell the weebeasts? Why is your shop empty?
Yes I do sell them. They go up for adoption in my etsy shop (nicholelillianryan.etsy.com) which is updated  almost every two weeks.

💛 When is the update?
Shop updates are announced via WeeMail the day before and also the day of on Instagram, tumblr and ello!.

💛 What is the weemail?
WeeMail (email newsletter) is sent the day before each update sharing info and photos of all the Weebeasts in the update, along with special a preview of their specimen cards, along with pricing of them and any custom spaces that will be listed.
You can join the Weemail over on the left hand side of site)
If you join please ADD hello@nicholelillianryan.com to your saved contacts/ email address book to make sure it doesn’t go to your spam folder. 😉

I’m most active on Instagram if you follow me on there turn on post notifications for my account just for the day or two before the update you can be sure you see the posts I make leading up to it. 
(Instagram.com/nicholelillianryan) hope to see you there! 

💛 How do I get one? Why aren’t they in your shop?
They often sell out quickly within a few minutes or so most updates - so you’ll need to be there a few minutes before hand to be ready. 

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Here are some helpful tips for you to have best chances at getting the weebeast of your dreams. 

Nicholelillianryan.etsy.com is the etsy shop link

💎 Please note Etsy does NOT hold an item because you put in your cart. It will go to the person that actually finishes their transaction first.  

💎 Using a computer with good WiFi is usually better than using a mobile device but it can be done on a mobile. 

💎 Using a saved credit card or Apple Pay is faster than PayPal.
You will most likely lose the item if you have to spend time filling out your info and cc numbers. 

Using buy it now is faster than adding to your cart. 

How to save a credit card on Etsy:
To add a saved credit card (do this before the update not that time of)
💎 Add any item to your basket (not buy it now) from any shop, go to the checkout process, put your CC details in there. This gives you the option to SAVE it so do that ;)
💎 To be sure it saved go to purchase another item and it should show when you checkout but don’t checkout unless you want to ;)

I don’t recommend Paypal because it makes you log in and you will most likely lose the item by the time you log into PayPal to rerun to Etsy to make your purchase. 

💎 Log in to your Etsy account and have the shop store front open in your browser at least a couple minutes before the update time (all clocks are a little different )

💎 Refresh the page over & over ( quickly) until the you see the Weebeasts appear- they will all show at once not one by one)

💎 Know who you want to adopt before hand (remember the WeeMail and Instagram will have previews). Don’t spend much time deciding who you want, ok there he is! See the one you want?!

💎 Click the image it will take you to the item listing. Click buy now or add to cart - ( buy it now will save you a step and proceed you right to checkout faster, than add to cart )

💎 I do not have limit the amount of Weebeasts you can adopt per update. 
If you want to try for more than one, go through the process of buying one and then come back to the shop store front and buy another of course I will refund shipping overages and combine shipping if you do. 
* Cross your fingers and hope you get the Weebeast of your dreams!

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🍿 Pricing?

Adult weebeasts aveage around $85-90
BB weebeasts average around $32 

Customs info below

This is not including shipping. I do ship worldwide... sorry no outer space shipping yet. 

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💛 Do you offer customs?

💛 How does that work?
Customs are currently only offered in shop updates. 
They are listed on etsy during most updates, by purchasing a listing for a custom you are reserving your spot to have a custom weebeast made just for you!

Current Pricing info is below:
Custom bb weebeasts starting price at $38
Custom weebeasts starting price at $100

💛 Customs include any of the basic weebeastiness:
A solid base color with accents of spots stripes, your choice of eye color, cyclops or two eyes, facial expression, pose, horns, ears or antennae, and a stone up to $5 in value, a hand colored and written and signed specimen card, wee egg, and boxed nicely just for you!

Prices adjust from the starting price for gradients/ombré or  swirled mixes of color, tentacles (legs made with octopus suckers) wings, difficult poses, "wiggly" jointed limbs, specific markings coloring requests etc...

- Gradient / Ombre' (one color fading into another) and Multi color swirl blends + $15 for big weebeasts (+$5 for bbs)-
 Basic Wings + $10 for big weebeasts (+ $3 for bbs)
- Wiggly Ears (Goblin Style) + $4 (big weebeasts only at the moment)
- Tentacle octopus styled legs +$6 per leg (+$3 for bbs)

- Somthing else ?? Send me an email!
Please note I will not make weebeasts based of others copyrighted works or characters for sale, nor will I replicate a previous weebeast EXACTLY as it was, I will however make s similar one in A different pose, color or stone which will make him unique just for you)

Once you purchase the reserved listing it we can discusss what you'd like for your custom, and I can set up any additional costs in a new listing or PayPal for the remaining balance if neeeded.

Do you do trades?
No, sorry, I am so far behind on trades I've committed to from the previous year that I'm afraid I will no longer be taking any more in, I'm sorry!

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I use Premo Polymer Clay
I did use Kato polymer clay for a little while. Kato is vegan friendly and have green ethics, bit unfortunately after using it for a few months time I developed an allergy and can no longer be in the room with it un cured, maybe it will work for you?!

💛 How do you keep white clay clean?
Use baby wipes for surface and tools, lint rollers and a piece of scrap clay to roll in your hands before touching your project and wearing light color shirt helps any lint from picking up on to the clay and if it does scotch tape helps pick it off along with rubbing alcohol on a small q tip. Check out “polymer clay tutor” on you tube for lots of helpful advice!

When ever I use white clay
I found its is always best mixed this way:

1/3 white clay
1/3 white translucent 
1/3 pearl 
( add a pinch of Sparkley white too if you want, it’s fun!)

It’s still white and beautiful and it makes such a big difference in the linty buggers!

If you don’t want pearl just mix in 
2/3 white
1/3 translucent

💛 What tools to you use?
You can see many photos of them often my instagram, ello and tumblr! most of the tools I use aren't made for clay specifically, I just use what works for me. small dotting tools, dental tools, needles... toothpicks, tooth brushes, straws, etc... have fun you never know what you'll find!

💛 How do you make the eyes?
There are three types of eyes I make for the weebeasts safe for baking, all of which have been made over years of trial and errors to perfecting my craft along with a dash of weebeastly magic, I prefer not to discuss this further thanks for understanding!

💛 Do you bake the earth treasures?
It’s a good question, but there isn’t a straight answer to it.
I’ve put a lot of my time and research into figuring out which stones have the right mineral composition to be safely baked at the temps, science!

Something not answered email me! Hello at nichole Lillian Ryan .com